tasting room.

The Tasting Room is a welcoming space within the brewery where guests may come to purchase and sample beer created at the brewery, meet the people at Monkish, and experience the brewery.

|| address

20311 S. Western Ave.
Torrance, CA 90501 directions?

|| Tasting Room hours

  • Thursday & Friday: 4pm–9pm
  • Saturday: 1pm–8pm
  • Sunday: 1pm–6pm


  • FRI 3P-10P
  • SAT 12P-4P
  • SUN 12P-6P

|| beer menu


tasting room faqs

|| food?

  • snacks available in the Tasting Room.
  • outside food is welcome.

|| kids? dogs?

  • well-behaved kids are welcome :)
  • well-behaved dogs on a leash are welcome :)

|| cash and credit cards accepted? both

|| gift cards? we sell 'em

|| directions?