Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do you fill blank or other brewery's growlers? A. We do fill outside/foreign/blank growlers as long as:

  • the growler is actually made for containing beer (= a growler)
  • the growler is NOT clear or made of plastic
  • the growler is the the following volume sizes: 750ml, 1lit/32oz, 2lit/64oz.
  • the growler is NOT a German-style stein growler with a metal handle. These growlers block us from using the two lines on either side of the beer being filled.
  • the growler is clean. We may reject that growler or charge you a cleaning fee.
  • the growler does not show another brewery's logo and wording. Any other brewery logo and wording must be covered up in a "presentable" manner. We will cover the growler for you but we will charge you a small convenience fee.
  • you are mindful that we reserve the right to refuse filling any growler we deem unsuitable.

Q. How much do growlers cost?

  • empty 750mL is $5
  • empty 2L is $10
  • fills range from $9-25 depending on the beer style and size of growler

Q. Do you serve food? A. Sorry, we do not. But we do:

  • have snacks available for sale in the Tasting Room. And free pretzels :)
  • allow outside food.
  • invite food trucks on occasion to sell their delicious menu items. See schedule of food trucks <HERE>.

Q. Do you serve anything other than beer? Wine? Cider? Gluten free beer? A. Sorry but our brewery license does not allow us to serve other alcoholic beverages, nor any beer we did not produce.

Q. Do you allow kids/minors/dogs?

  • well-behaved minors/kids are welcome :)
  • well-behaved dogs on a leash are welcome :) Keep in mind we do have a brewery cat.

Q. Cash and credit cards accepted? A. Both are accepted. Looking at accepting Apple/Android Pay soon.

Q. Do you sell gift cards? A. We sell gift cards in our Tasting Room and on our online store.

Q. What time is last call? A. Every night, 30 minutes before close.



Q. Does adding an item to my cart reserve the item for when I am ready to purchase? A. No, adding an item to your cart does NOT reserve it. It is possible that if you do not purchase the said item quickly enough, someone could purchase it instead as it still exists in inventory. Squarespace doesn't work the same way sites like Eventbrite and Ticketmaster do, with timed holding periods. If there was an option for this, we would add it!

Q. Where is the item listing for the glass that goes on sale in 20 minutes? A. When we have items set to "drop" at a certain time, they are considered "scheduled" items and will not be visible until the release time. Here is what we suggest in order to

Q. Where do you ship? A. Continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, & Puerto Rico. We do not ship internationally.

Q. What are the shipping rates? A. There are two options: 1) FLAT RATE: $10 + $1 per item; 2) UPS Calculated: Based on where you are located. Both options are visible on the shipping options page so you can compare your specific rates.



Q. Can you host private events? A. We can host private events but we do have a brewery space rental fee and a 2-week minimum advance notice. Email for more info.

Q. Do you allow large groups/party buses or limos? A. Short answer, no.

Long answer: We do allow for scheduled tour groups, such as LA Beer Hop, to stop by on their route. These groups are scheduled in advanced by email through the company.

  • All parties outside of LA Beer Hop arriving on hired passenger carriers like tour buses and limousines must contact us at in advanced and attain permission from brewery staff via email at least 2 WEEKS prior to date of visit.
  • Verbal or telephone approval is not valid for these visits.
  • Some dates will not be available due to can releases or previously scheduled visits or events. 

In addition to our requirements, we also have some recommendations to make for parties arriving via hired transportation:

  • Please ensure that all members of your party have valid ID before departing for your trip. Failure to present valid ID when asked will result in us being unable to serve you beer.
  • Please note that it is illegal for us to serve any obviously intoxicated guests. We would recommend that you enjoy plenty of food and water on your transportation, and would counsel against consuming additional alcohol between stops.
  • Please act respectfully when you arrive at our brewery. Anyone causing disturbance with staff or other patrons will be asked to leave.

Q. Do you take reservations? A. Sorry we don’t take reservations because we operate in a first come, first served style.

Q. Do you offer tours of the brewery? A. Currently we do not offer tours. But the Tasting Room is in the brewery and part of the space is adjacent to the brewhouse. But feel free to ask our Tasting Room staff questions.


Q. How do I know if you’ve sold out of a beer I want to come purchase to-go? A. Check our Tasting Room menu <HERE> for a current menu. But make sure to check the date/time it was updated. Sometimes we sell out of a beer quicker than usual, and sometimes we are too busy to update the menu.


Q. Where can I buy your beer? A. The only place to purchase our beer is at our tasting room. Bars do not serve our beer in the area. We do not sell beer online, nor do we ship beer to customers. You can REALLY only buy it from US in person, in Torrance. No other establishment should be reselling our beer unless it is for a special event that we are likely attending. We do not make exceptions.