update: lease, abc, seller's permit

Today, I began the week trying to be productive by signing the lease for a property: 20311 S. Western Ave., Torrance, CA 90266. The lease does not start until the beginning of next month and we do have an out clause in case our Conditional Use Permit does not go through. This week I need to look for liability insurance before beginning my lease.

My wife and I also went to the CA Board of Equalization to get a Seller's Permit. Howver, after waiting for 1.5 hours to see someone we were told that we would not be able to get a seller's permit until we plan on being in operation within 30 days. It would have been nice to put that information in its application packet which includes the application and instructions and FAQs. Oh well! At least we know that we could go down and potentially receive the permit the same day. And at least I was able to spend quality time with my wife people watching... Angelenos are an intereting people group...

I also went to the ABC office to get an application for my Type 23 license which is for a small beer manufacturer. I hope to submit the application next week. But it does consist of 22+ pages!

This week I also hope to place my order for my brewing equipment. If not, next week for sure!