update: BOE and plan check.

Last week, I received in the mail a packet from the California Board of Equalization (BOE) for an excise tax permit. They received my information from my ABC application for a Type 23 alcohol license. I need to complete this simple form and mail it in and also apply for a seller's permit (something I tried to do earlier with no success). Once the BOE receives both, they will check this off with the ABC for my license.

Today, I was notified by the architect that the corrections for the plan check came in and things are looking good. We were able to work with the city planning dept to have the plans submitted concurrently with the CUP paperwork so we didn't need to wait for the CUP to be approved first before submitting for a plan check.

*Note: Some might be wondering why I didn't go with the plan check for the brewery first and then the CUP for the tasting room -- which should save some time by being able to open sooner than later with the associated delays in the CUP process. For me it was important to have a tasting room; I did not want to be locked into a place where I was not able to have a tasting room. So I worked with my broker and the owner to come with a good scenario where I could get out of the lease if the CUP did not go through.