update 12/7

we are still here...

it has been a while since my last post. as you can imagine things have been very hectic. at some point, we decided to do much of the work ourselves -- given our very limited budget. we do have all of the necessary permits and licenses. so now we need the equipment up and running to start production.

our schedule: we are hoping to brew our first batch by the end of month/year...

well...we pinky promise to be more diligent in updating you on our progress.

here are some photos showing our construction progress since my last post on 8/30 (!).

underground plumbing for the drains in the brewhouse area

trench drain and piping. that's a 6inch diameter pvc schedule 80 (!). bit of an overkill.

pouring of concrete

pouring of concrete. sloped floors!

our tasting room. cleaned the existing beams and added new warehouse pendant lights