the tasting room

a key element of our business plan and model has been to have a tasting room where people can stop by to purchase and sample beers produced on-site. we received a conditional use permit from the city for such a use. we requested to have open hours to the public on Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons/early evenings. we have been working on this room and always had a particular vision for it. but given our ever-decresing limited budget, we had to find that balance bewtween affordability and a particular aesthetic. below are pictures of what the room currently looks like.

btw, we could be open to the public now, but first we need to brew the necessary beer to sell -- in other words we need to have beer for you to taste in our "tasting" room :)

we have in our plans to cut out and place an 8ft x 4ft window on the wall looking into the brewing area (red rectangle). my home kegerator is substitute-dispensing for a larger/longer kegerator in the near future.these beams were what we found under the ugly drop-down ceilings. we cleaned them up, installed dimmered warehouse pendant lights and exposed AC vents.

a church pew we purchased from a lovely family in the San Francisco area. this pew was built for a church (Mission Park Congregational Church) in SF in 1909 using local wood. what makes it even more special is that the sides of the pew have our logo carved on them!

don't know much about this chair that we bought at a flea market except that it's pretty darn cool looking. view from the restroom vestibule.view from the front door

oak countertop tables with industrial stools (and a couple of old random kids stools).painted steel doors with our new ADA-complaint restroom signs. we are pretty excited about the signs :)