the brewing area

having shown pics of the tasting room, it's time to move into the brewing area for an update. below are photos of how the room is coming along. there are some more things that need to be completed before everything is installed and ready to go. it has been a bit slower to get things going than ancipated. but it is what it is...

introducing the 15 barrel (465 gallon) system (from left to right): 15 bbl brite/bottling tank, three 15 bbl fermenters, 17 bbl mash tun with a grist case above, 15 bbl kettle/whirlpool, and 3 bbl glycol reservoir tank.

view from my new fave toy in the brewery -- the scissor lift

brewing platform with a control panel in between the tanks.

st francis of assisi in place to keep an eye on the gauges of the mash tun.