our kegs

today we received our kegs. given our budget, we opted for kegs that are 1) used and 2) plastic. Plastic Kegs of America makes high-quality plastic kegs that are safe for the beer and are comparable in features of stainless steel kegs. these plastic kegs are a fraction of the price of stainless steel kegs – the latter of which are very difficult to purchase used these days. we bought these kegs from Iron Fist Brewing Co. in San Diego and they were used only a few times. we now own 160 of 1/6 barrel (about 5 gallons) sized kegs and 16 of 1/2 barrel (15.5 gallons) sized kegs.

One major benefit of using plastic kegs is their light weight. In fact, the kids helped unload and restack several pallets of them. Here is a 2 year old carrying a 1/6 bbl keg...