We have been open for about 3.5 months now. One interesting issue that has come up often is how people refer to us as MonkFISH Brewing. Hmmm... We did not name the brewery after a fish. Here is a bit about why we named it Monkish (Monk-ish).

Hopefully you know what "a monk-" is. And "-ish" is a common suffix denoting that something has qualities or charateristics similar to a noun – in this case being "monk". So the brewery is interested in having qualities similar to monks. But not just any monk. We are giving a hat tip to the monks throughout Belgian beer history who have brewed beer in and sold it through a monastery. Any google search on Benedectine – in particular, Trappist – monks reveals a rich story of monks selling wonderful beers as an act of worship to God and as forms of financial sustenance and charity. More importantly, these monks made renown beers that have inspired the direction of Monkish Brewing Co.

My wife (Adriana) and I (Henry) embrace the Christian tradition and have been involved in and worked at churches and non-profit organizations. I also have a doctorate in Theology (New Testament studies) and have taught the subject at various universities and seminaries.

So since we love Belgian beers – including monastic ones – and with our faith association, we decided to name the brewery in the same vein as the rich brewing traditions of monks in Belgium.

BUT... we are not Belgian... we are not monks... we are not merely copying well-known monastic beers... we are not limited to the same ingredients as such beers... Hence, we are just MONK-ISH.

We are who we are.