breweries in torrance

With the CUP being approved earlier this evening and the brewery now being settled at this location in Torrance, there will be two production breweries in Torrance. Strand Brewing Co. has been in business in Torrance for over a couple of years. I spoke with Rich from Strand earlier this week and am looking forward to a friendly realtionship with Strand.

Can Torrance handle two production breweries -- especially given that the number of breweries in the Greater Los Angeles area is miniscule? I believe so. The city is the eighth largest city in Los Angeles. A city this size could handle two small production breweries. And up until recently Angel City Brewing was located also in Torrance along with Strand Brewing. So the city is accustomed to having two breweries. Also I am located on the east border of Torrance and Los Angeles County near Gardena. So Monkish and Strand are geographically separated. In addition, Monkish will be brewing different styles than Strand –– which would lend us to be complementing Strand's lineup.

So I am pleased to be in a city that has a growing beer culture – including Red Car Brewery & Restaurant (brewpub) and the new 1321 Downtown Taproom Bistro (gastropub).

CUP approved

This evening we had our public hearing at the City of Torrance for our Conditional Use Permit to have a tasting room at the brewery. It was unanimously approved!! This is an important hurdle to overcome. We have an out-clause in our lease in case the CUP is not approved. So we are now committed to this property (20311 S. Western Ave. Torrance 90501).

I was quite nervous. And with one question asked by the planning commission, I wasn't sure of the "right" answer so I gave a very long-winded answer. Oh well! I had my reasons. Regardless, it was approved!!

submitted CUP application.

Today we submitted our Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application with the City of Torrance. This is probably our first milestone in moving forward from a dream to a reality.

The CUP application is for a tasting room -- for patrons to visit the brewery and taste our beers. A brewery is listed as a permitted use for the zoning of the property we will be leasing, but a CUP is needed for having on-premise retail sales.

The City of Torrance's planning dept. has been very helpful. I have learned that having prelimiary dialogue about your project and goals with the planning dept of the City in which you are interested is important. Prior to Torrance, I dealt with other cities' planning dept later on in the process and it was not that helpful. I could have saved time if I talked to them early on. By having early communication you can gauge the City's interest in supporting your business and also to know what could work or not -- regardless of how you might interpret the municipal code or think it will work in your favor. In addition, whether your proposed use is permitted or not in the Code, you can talk to the City's people and find out if they would be supportive of such a project.