ttb phone interview

This morning I had my phone interview with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) regarding our Brewer's Notice permit application. In an email with the friendly and helpful agent, I was told that the phone interview would take 45-90 minutes, but my interview lasted only 20 mins. For the most part the fairly simple interview is an opportunity for them to get more details about the brewery and notify us of some further details.

Hess Brewing Co.'s blog offers a helpful list of questions that were asked.

Now the application will go through his rounds of signature for final approval. Looks like I am on track with the TTB.

update on acronyms: csba, ba, fda, ttb

On learning the acronyms of the brewery-startup world:

// CSBA = California Small Brewers Association

now a member of CSBA

// BA = Brewers Association

finally registered to be a member of the BA

// FDA = Food and Drug Administration

registered the brewery with the FDA

// TTB = Alchohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

still working on the TTB application

ttb application

Having tackled the California ABC license application, my next application challenge will be the (federal) Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Fortunately the TTB has a helpful and informational website with the required forms. Here is a checklist and the list of forms online.

update: I received preliminary drawings of my brewing system. Pretty exciting...