California Small Brewers Association

governor jerry brown signs ab1014

Great news today!

A couple of weeks ago, California Senate bill AB1014 passed unanimously through the State Senate floor. This bill calls for the exemption of brewery tasting rooms from Health Dept regulations -- a privilege which winery tasting rooms enjoy.

Usually it would be signed into law by the governor around January 1 of the following year. However, today the bill was signed by the Governor. Tom McCormick, Executive Director of the California Small Brewers Assoc., sent an email to CSBA members notifying of the great news.

So it looks like it paid off not to go through LA County Health Dept plan checking was a good move –– since it saves me over $10k to be compliant to its regulations. Unless the Health Dept will allow us to open the tasting room before Jan 1, the aim is to open the tasting room the first week of January!

Save up your pennies and we will see you at the tasting room!

update on acronyms: csba, ba, fda, ttb

On learning the acronyms of the brewery-startup world:

// CSBA = California Small Brewers Association

now a member of CSBA

// BA = Brewers Association

finally registered to be a member of the BA

// FDA = Food and Drug Administration

registered the brewery with the FDA

// TTB = Alchohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

still working on the TTB application