Alcohol Beverage Control

update: abc application submitted

This morning we submitted our application for a Type 23 Small Beer Manufacturer License with the California Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC). I picked up the appllication from a local office a few weeks ago and made an appointment to come in today to submit the application. Pretty simple process. Just sit there while the clerk goes through the application asking us to sign here and there. We also received our public notice poster which has to be posted up for 30 days. So it's up. We also had to go to a place to get fingerprinted digitally through Live Scan.

This morning I also began my DBA ("Doing Business As") application to the State so I can have a fictitious business name or trade name of "Monkish Brewing Co." rather than always needing to use "Monkish Brewing Co. LLC."

I also think I found an insurance agency for our liability insurance – thanks again to Rob at El Segundo Brewing Company for the recommendation.