rara avis

We are excited to introduce our newest beer, Rara Avis. "Rara Avis" is a Latin idiomatic phrase for an English idiomatic expression "rare bird." This blended saison was brewed exclusively for The Rare Club and is only available through The Rare Beer Club and through our Tasting Room. So for sure it will not be brewed again :)

The beer which was brewed on Christmas Eve 2014 is a blend of two separate brett saisons: a rye-based saison and a spelt-based saison. Both were fermented with a mixed culture of saison yeast (two strains of brettanomyces, and two strains of lactobacillus) for layers of tropical fruitiness, slight tartness, and earthy funk. After it was blended we decided to dry hop it gently with Amarillo and Galaxy hops (why not?!) to accent the notes of juicy tropical fruits.

The beer will continue to evolve in the bottle so cellar some of this bottle-conditioned "rare bird" :)