quick update: malt mill and auger

we are still moving along in getting the place ready for brewing beer and having people in the tasting room. we are optimistic that we will brew our first batch next month (Janurary 2012).

these past few days I have set up the malt mill in its place. (not the most ideal place, but it works.) The mill crushes the malt which allows the extraction of sugar from the barley.

I also installed the auger system which uses a screw auger in a PVC tube to move the crushed grains to the grist case -- which is a holding tank on top of the mash tun vessel.

until the next update ... happy new year!

the malt mill. looks like it is from World War II. At the bottom is the "boot" of the screw auger.

auger system.view over the grist case and motor for the auger.