No can release

Bad news!

We are canceling tomorrow's can release. It's been a tough decision for us today/tonight. Yes we did package the beer in cans, but after tasting many cans all night we realized that there are certain aspects of the beer that we find to be lacking in what we want from our IPAs. So we are NOT releasing it. We taste the beers throughout the brewing process and we hoped and thought that after canning it would find its stride -- which is often the case. In this case we feel it isn't where we want it to be. These IPAs we make are full of experimenting with different parameters with the larger goal of making the best IPAs that we are excited about. This was a very hard decision -- and a costly lesson for us.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We know you are excited about the beers and are willing to wait in lines for our beers, so we want to respect that. Until the next can release....

And yes we realize there is irony in the beer being named More Props and Stunts :/