construction begins. first days.

It has been awhile since i have given a notable update. well things have progressed.

Since last week: choose a contractor. pulled the permit. began contruction.

The job is pretty straight forward (in theory) at this point:

  • Remove approx 1100 sq ft portion of an existing concrete slab to pour a new reinforced slab for the heavy brewing equipment, and to install a trench drain with other plumbing. 
  • Reconfigure the restrooms (in the future tasting room) so they will up to ADA (disability) compliance codes. When I leased the space I thought they were ADA compliant. But they were a bit short for the new codes. Oh well... We are laying out the restrooms in a better design.

Here are some pictures of the progress:

View of the warehouse from the rolling garage door. The exposed wall will be covered.

Demolition. The door is a side door leaving the warehouse to the parking lot. Concrete removed.

The first-floor office which will be the future tasting room. The restrooms will be reconfigured. The door to the left leads into the warehouse space.The restrooms after demo. The floor will need to be saw cut to redo the plumbing.Removing the office-looking, drop-down ceiling for anticipation of the design of the tasting room.