My First Canning Line

monkish canning line

Our in-house canning line has arrived!

In an effort to have more control over the quality and consistency of our canned beer, we have purchased our very own canning line and we are installing it this week! For all past releases, we have used a mobile canning company who comes to the brewery and packages our beer in cans for us. They have done a great job, but there are some challenges that we hope this installation will help us to overcome.

We believe the canning line will give us even better control over quality assurance, along with being able to schedule canning days and release days more frequently. It also relieves us of having to schedule months in advance the packaging days with the mobile canning company. Now we are able to package beers in cans immediately when they are ready.  This also brings us to a point of releasing beers during the week and not just on Saturdays.


Here are some possible questions you may ask and the best answers we have right now:

Does this mean you can make more beer? 

Short answer: Sort of.  We are still a small brewery. For the most part, we like being a small brewery and the connection we have with every batch of beer, and our customers. We still have a small number of fermentation and packaging tanks as before (having added a new fermenter recently), hence the small amount of cans for releases. We are striving to be able to make more beer, and we should be able to run a better schedule with the line here!


When will be the next can release?

Since we are installing and commissioning the canning line this week, we will also be releasing two beers! This will be the first weekday release for us, so there are a few things to work out:

1.     Parking – Please be mindful as we have neighboring businesses that will be open during weekday afternoons and evenings. The parking lot will have limited spots available to our patrons, please pay attention to the cones and/or park on the streets surrounding the brewery.

2.     Lines – We would like to minimize long lines during can release days so we will be experimenting with different ways of keeping them controlled.

3.     Tasting Room Hours – We will still be opening at 4pm, but plan to stay open until 10pm if the cans are not sold out by 9pm.  If cans are still available, we will sell to everyone in line by 10pm, no later. We want to allow as many people to buy on the day of release as possible.

4.     Live Updates – We’ll have updates for these releases live on Twitter, including at start selling time, mid release check in, and sold out time.

5.     Limits – These are set per person, per day.


Thank you all, again, for the support and excitement surrounding our cans releases! We are so grateful for all of you and love you!


Beer. Hope. Love.

Adriana, Henry, and the Monkish Crew