Can release: April 2016

We are NOT having a can release this Sat 4/30. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We did brew a beer destined to be canned and released this week, but it didn't necessarily play out the way we had hoped. It's a sessionable IPA using a new strain of yeast and after tasting it, we don't think the yeast fermentation character fits the profile we are after for our canned IPAs.

For this batch we tried out a new strain (one that's used by east coast breweries for IPAs!) but its fermentation profile was different than the other yeast strains/blends we have used thus far. It took the beer in a different direction. Overall we drank it and it was good! Yes, the beer is good. A very drinkable, crushable session IPA. BUT, dare we say, the beer leaned too much towards a west coast style. Quickly we are realizing certain characteristics we want in our IPAs. So we would like to stay the course.

As mentioned before, we are experimenting with different parameters of these hoppy beers and we are looking for what works for us.

Next canning run is scheduled for Sat 5/14 and it will be larger, double batch of a juicy Monkish IPA :)