brewing equipment. china.

Yesterday we returned from a week-long trip to Shanghai, China to inspect our brewing equipment.

We purchased our 15bbl brewing system from Frank Ma of Pacific Brewery System Technologies (PBST). Frank's company is located here in Southern California but he manufactures equipment from his factory in China. As a result his prices are very competitive. And it is because of his prices that our business venture could be possible – otherwise I would only have been able to purchase an undersized brewing system. (The used brewing equipment market has dried up in this booming season of the craft brewing industry.)

Frank invited us over to inspect the equipment, and he hosted and treated us to worthwhile experience in China. Besides looking over the equipment we were able to do some sightseeing.

The equipment looks good and I was able to request some modifications.

Hopefully the equipment will be ready to be shipped in a couple of weeks from China.