bill ab1014. brewery tasting rooms

There is a bill supported by Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher making its way through the State Assembly. It is Bill AB1014, which seeks to exempt brewery tasting rooms from Health Department regulations, which could costs breweries tens of thousands of dollars to do so. This would allow breweries to enjoy a condition which winery tastings rooms have.

So far the bill has passed Appropriations and the Assembly Floor. Its next stop is the Senate Floor before being signed into effect by the Governor at the beginning of next year.

The approval of this bill looks very promising. You can see its voting record here.

So what? I will have a tasting room and in Los Angeles County (not the case with all counties in California) I would need to comply with the regulations of the retail division of the Health Department (wholesale division no longer regulates breweries in LA County). In effect I would need to meet the regulations and codes for a retail bar. If I choose not to open a tasting room now and hold off for the bill to pass and take effect next year, I can save $$$$$, which is important for my tight budget.

So I will need to decide at some point soon, whether I will pay $$$$$ to get the tasting room up and going now, or wait until next year, or figure out another option.

Leave a comment if you would like more info about this bill and how you can support it.