We've Got Five Years

Can you believe it's been 5 YEARS since Monkish opened it's doors?!

With all the new beers, new equipment, and new faces, we are so grateful to those that have been with us since day one, and those that have joined us in the last year on our IPA quest. As a thank you to everyone who has supported us, we are going to release a special fruited bottle to celebrate. We will also be offering a great curated draft list and special edition glassware! In keeping with tradition, we will also discount our pours as an extra thanks, so all full-pours will be $1 off normal price!

One of our true passions as a brewery is coaxing our barrels to help produce incredible farmhouse ales and see results like the bottles and draft we have been able to share with you. Monkey & Toad is the start of a series we will have for each anniversary in the coming years. This year's offering is a tart, oak-fermented farmhouse ale with peaches and nectarines from Masumoto Family Farms. ABV 5% 750mL cork & cage champagne-style bottle. Monkey & Toad will be sold for $13 per bottle at Bar 2 in front of the cold box. It will be limited to 2 bottles per person, as we only have about 400 bottles.

And for all of you dying to know what the list will be, we will release the info next week in the days leading up to big day!

For our celebration, we would like to make sure that everyone has access to share in our joy with beer and cheer! To create a more comfortable and safe environment during the party, we ask the following for Saturday, March 11th from 12-10pm:

  1. No children or babies be brought to the brewery. This will be a 21 and over ONLY day. We will have security to enforce this rule.
  2. No pets (behaved or on a leash or otherwise) will be allowed.
  3. No growlers will be filled.
  4. No in's and out's. We will have security to enforce this rule and a strict limit to the number of people inside the tasting room.
  5. No bottle sharing or outside alcohol. Any seen will be taken and thrown out.

In addition to the rules stated above, there are a few other changes to note:

  • The parking lot will open at 9am. There will be no lining up until then. We will have security enforcing this.
  • We will have multiple beer stations, making use of our kegerator where the cans are normally sold. We will also have a separate merchandise station to purchase bottles, glassware, shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs, etc. and pick up Juteux bottles.
  • Only limited seating will be available inside the tasting room. We will be removing seats in order to make room for more people.
  • Bottle pick ups will still be available at the merch station (Bar 2) in the tasting room, since the last day to pick up Juteux is Sunday 3/12.
  • We MAY create sessions to move people through the tasting room quicker if the line stays too long. We will use wristbands to assign groups.
  • There WILL be day-of Twitter updates for the latest info!

Lastly, Felice Catering will have our favorite pizzas and wings available for purchase! Can't wait to see you all at the tasting room next weekend!



Elizabeth Giraldin

da BEST!!